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Our Story

Founded by men, Bravado Bay was created to express our rebel spirit in the pursuit to bring the best handcrafted bracelets to our customers. There was a parallel theme to only offer the best quality plated metals and prized gemstones we can get our hands on and offer those items at fair price.

Since we choose not to work with big box stores, there are no unnecessary markups. You get our best work designed and sold directly to you. 

As mentioned before, our foundation is built off of quality metals, gemstones and cordage to create handcrafted bracelets that are specifically designed for the person who likes the nicer things in life. We spare no expense to bring you the best we can get our hands on.

Our team is constantly sourcing new gemstones from all over the world to bring you world class designs at world class price.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, reach out to us to anytime. We're happy to assist. 

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