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Copy of Stretch Bracelet Size Guide

Step 1: Measure Your Wrist Size 

Measure your wrist where you will be wearing your bracelet. Flexible tape measures work great but a string wrapped around the wrist will do the trick. Simply measure the circumference and then lay the string down on a ruler or tape measure to get your wrist size. 

Step 2: Add Desired Comfort 

Decide how you like to wear your bracelet. There's nothing worse than an annoyingly tight or loose bracelet. We've taken the guesswork out of the equation.  Simply add the following measurements to ensure a perfect fit. 

                 Comfort Chart

Fitment Inches Centimeters 
Snug Fit 0.25 in 0.64 cm 
Comfort Fit 0.50 in 1.27 cm
Loose Fit 0.75 in 1.91 cm


Step 3: Wrist Size + Desired Comfort 

Take your wist size and add your comfort preference to get a combined total to use the sizing chart below. Note: Your wrist measurements might not add up exactly to the provided options. Size up or down accordingly. 

                         Sizing Chart

Size Inches  Centimeters
Extra Small 6.5 in 16.5 cm
Small 7 in 17.8 cm
Medium 7.5 in 19.1 cm
Large 8 in 20.3 cm
Extra Large 8.5 in 21.6 cm


    Don't feel like measuring? No problem. 

*Medium is our most popular mens wrist size.

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